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Introductory Workshop on Statistical Machine Learning

World economic forum estimates that due to techno-economic reasons, half of the Indian workforce would need re-skilling by 2022. The key technologies where the current and future talent demands are growing include machine learning, artificial intelligence and the internet of things. The last decade saw unprecedented advancements in the area of machine learning with deep learning algorithms. Applications of machine learning are now not just limited to the engineering sector but have touched every walk of life including linguistics, arts, social science, behavioral science, economics, legal science, political science, and medical science. The advent of advanced machine learning algorithms is arguably as big as the control of fire by early humans. In view of the changing technologies, a one-day introductory workshop on statistical machine learning has been organized. The workshop will provide a general overview of the current advances in the area of artificial intelligence and specific tutorial to apply some of the machine learning techniques using open-source libraries. Application of AI to Metal Processing, Manufacturing Process, Smart Metallurgical factory, Microstructure Modelling, etc. will be covered. At the end of the workshop, the participants are expected to have a general appreciation for the underlying technologies which make machine learning and basic skills to solve problems of regression and classification using source libraries.

Faculty: Professors Asim Tewari, Hina Gokhale and M P Gururajan, IIT Bombay