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Microstructures Contest


Registered delegates, who wish to participate in the Microstructures Contest, may submit entries under one of the following categories:
• Light Microscopy
• Scanning Electron Microscopy
• Transmission Electron Microscopy
• Advanced Techniques (3D Tomography, APT, AFM, SPM, etc.)

The contestants must carefully choose and specify the category of the entry, which will be unique and final. No reclassification will be done by the contestant or the judges afterwards. The micrographs may be in colour or in black & white. Winners for the best micrographs will be decided on the basis of technical content, aesthetics (visual aspect) and expertise of the techniques. Detailed instructions for preparation of the entries can be found on the conference website.

Follow the procedure for preparation and submission of entries.
• Prepare a slide in the given format attached (The microstructure must be in good quality, with high resolution and optimal contrast)

• Save the file in .ppt or any other image file (.tif, .png., .gif etc), but make sure that it must follow the format.
• Keep the file name as your abstract ID such as ‘abstract#’. For multiple entries for different categories, then use the file name as ‘abstract#_1, abstract#_2…etc. (Please note only one entry per category will be considered, but one may participate in multiple categories.)
• Submit your entry by following the link given below.
Note: Please don’t mention any details about the author’s name, affiliation and contact details on the entry page. Otherwise, the entry may disqualify for the contest.

For any queries regarding microstructures contest, please contact help@nmdatm2020.org