» Call For Abstracts

Call for Abstracts

Abstracts are invited for the conference under the following broad themes:

  • Advances in Ferrous Metallurgy

  • Advances in Non-Ferrous Metallurgy

  • Advances in Materials Science and Engineering

  • Manufacturing Technologies and Joining Processes

  • High Temperature Materials

  • Materials Degradation – Characterization and Protection

  • Computational Materials Science (incorporating Integrated Computational Materials Engineering and
    Materials Genome Initiative)

  • Materials for Energy Applications


Contact: abstract@nmdatm2020.org

Subtheme details

  • Iron and steel making
  • High temperature metallurgical processing: Melting, casting
  • Thermo-mechanical processing
  • Extraction, melting and casting
  • High temperature metallurgical processing: Melting casting
  • Thermo-mechanical processing
  • Solidification and solid-state phase transformations
  • Microstructural characterization techniques, microstructure-property correlation, grain boundaries, interfaces, defect characterization
  • Mechanical behaviour of materials
  • Advanced materials – nanostructured materials, high entropy alloys, functionally graded materials, thin films, biomaterials, electronic materials, grapheme, CNTs
  • Composite Materials
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Foundry technology
  • Metal forming
  • Weldingand Joining
  • Dissimilar materials joining
  • Refractory alloys
  • Ceramics
  • High temperature coatings
  • Refractories for industrial applications
  • Mechanical degradation – creep, fatigue, fracture
  • Corrosion
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Materials recycling, Waste utilization
  • Ab-initio calculations, atomistic simulations
  • Monte Carlo methods, Phase field modeling
  • Crystal plasticity, finite element methods,
  • Integrated Computational Materials Engineering and Materials Genome Initiative
  • Data driven modelling of materials
  • Materials for Energy Storage – Batteries, Supercapacitors, Hydrogen Storage
  • Fuel Cells
  • Nuclear Materials
  • Materials for renewable energy
  • Materials for clean coal technologies, carbon capture
  • Biomass fuels, hydrogen-based power systems